Why Wise Student 101

Flagship course for time management, organization, and study skills that improves executive functioning for lasting results.

Wow – students today have a ton on their plates! As they grow older their school work, extracurricular activities, and personal commitments become increasingly difficult to manage. What would your student's life look like if they had a road map for how to balance it all and reach their full potential? 

I'll tell you: AMAZING!

From the transition of elementary to middle school and the leap from middle school to high school, to being prepared for college or post-secondary life, and all the time in between, I have experienced first-hand the struggles and challenges that students face. It's tough out there and I am happy to say that I am here for students and this video course is the answer!

What Does It Do? 

Wise Student 101 shows students in upper elementary school, middle school, & high school how to become more organized, manage their time, study effectively, increase productivity, and achieve balance in their academic and personal lives. 

Through exclusive content, expert coaching from me, Penny Kostaras, Wise Student Founder and Academic Success Coach, and a comprehensive game plan, students will acquire actionable skills that motivate and empower them to perform at their academic and personal best.

Who Is It For?

  • BIG TRANSITIONS: 6th graders & 9th graders gain vital tools that fully prepare them for the shift into higher institutions that expect more. Establishing standards for excellence in middle school and high school early on is priceless and sets the tone for a student’s confidence in their abilities and willingness to achieve.

  • A NEW NORMAL: 4th, 5th, 7th & 8th graders most likely have been operating without a proven system thus far which leads to disorganization and frustration. Employing essential organization, time management, & study strategies will ensure the adaptibility and self-reliance they’ll need to thrive throughout their middle school & high school years.

  • LEVEL UP: 10th, 11th, & 12th graders will see an increase in the demands of their academic and extracurricular lives as AP classes, PSAT, SAT/ACT, and college applications are thrown into the mix. Now more than ever, it is critical for them to know how to be efficient, productive, and take care of themselves and their time so that they can present their best selves to colleges and potential employers.

Course Contents

  • 23 video modules. Click to see all course modules and descriptions & watch the Module 4: Nightly Timeline video

  • Step-by-step expert coaching covering executive function, interpersonal, and life skills

  • How-to methods for developing habits of scholarship for success in school and beyond

  • Easy-to-follow demonstrations and instructions on how to develop effective skills that cultivate a sense of confidence and control which will reduce stress & anxiety and increase productivity


Wise Student 101 is backed by my own successful students who have inspired me to create this course. The concepts and strategies have been tested and extensively vetted by all types of Wise Students to help shape a program that is proven to work and resonates with all students.         


Working Together 

You're in good hands! After 14 years of working with students, I am thrilled to share my most valuable tips, tricks, and techniques so that your student can make the transformation into a Wise Student. From those who struggle academically to top performers, every student will be able to meet their challenges head on and shine. 

Student Testimonials


"I have learned so many valuable lessons from Penny's online course! It really felt like you were in the classroom with her, but instead of a monotonous teacher, her videos were dynamic, exciting, and to the point. One of my favorite things was the energy she brought to the videos, as well as how they were kept brief. I've grown and benefited from this course so much!" 

–MaryRose C., Burlingame High School, CA


"Wise Student 101 has helped me develop skills that I use everyday, in and outside of school. The course also brings an emphasis to paying attention to detail and completing tasks quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s using our planners or discussing what work schedule will be most appropriate for our week, staying ahead of the game is something Penny always advises us to do. I truly appreciate Penny's dedication and her will to assist me and many others in so many ways during our journeys through school!" –Nicholas B., Marianapolis Preparatory School, CT

Purchase Options

Your student is ready to become organized, confident, happy, and feel like they have more free time than they’ve ever had before! Make a one-time payment with PayPal or credit card, or choose a monthly payment plan, credit card only.  


  • Are there any course prerequisites?

    Not at all! I call it a 101 course because students of all ages and levels can benefit from its fundamental teachings. PS. I’ve had many adults tell me that they, too, find great value for themselves in each course module. In fact, I encourage you as a parent or guardian to sneak a peak at the course so that everyone can be on the same page. My goal is to have the Wise Student strategies serve as communication tools that unite the household while helping students reach their full potential. It’s a win-win!

  • How do I enroll my student?

    Once you select a purchase option, you'll be prompted to create a new account with the student's first name, last name, email, and password. Please make sure to enter the student's first & last name and email in these main fields so that the proper name appears on the course site and completion certificate. There are also optional fields where you can add a parent or guardian's name and email address to receive emails from me.

  • Can I enroll my student at any time?

    Definitely! Enrollment is always open year-round.

  • How does the course work?

    Once a student is enrolled, they can immediately start working through the modules. I recommend one module every two days so that they have time to implement the strategies. If they would like to move a little faster, e.g. it’s summer and they’d like to complete the course before the school year begins, they should feel free to work at a pace that is quicker but does not compromise their learning. Average video run time is 6 minutes. Videos are short, sweet, and impactful to encourage students to use the tools immediately. All course modules include a video, full text PDF so they can read my exact words from each video, worksheets, quizzes, and answers to FAQ's to facilitate learning. As they work through the course materials, they can mark them as complete to easily track their progress. Once they've finished the course, they will receive a completion certificate which recognizes them as an official Wise Student!

  • How long does my student have access to this course?

    How does forever sound? Once you buy the course, it’s yours always. Forever means students can constantly keep the strategies sharp and go back to any modules whenever they need them throughout the school year. They have the flexibility to retake the course before each school year begins to get excited and walk in feeling prepared and confident. They can also check in during winter break to take inventory on what worked over the past semester and focus on changes they might make in the new semester. With each passing year, the lessons in this course will take on new meaning as students ascend higher academically and the demands of school and life shift and change. Also, I will keep the course updated and constantly add to the FAQ’s within the modules when I have new answers to share.

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Absolutely! All you’ll need to do is email me within the first 90 days of purchase and provide proof that your student has completed the course in its entirety and implemented the strategies. Proof of work includes completing all quizzes and worksheets plus showing their planner with the nightly timelines and monthly calendars filled out over my suggested one module every two days schedule during the school year. This means students will have taken the course and implemented the strategies for a full 3 months. When a student meets these requirements, I will issue a full refund.

  • My student has a learning difference. Would they benefit from this course?

    This course is for EVERYONE! I have extensive experience working with students who have ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and processing challenges, so I created it to serve every type of learning style. Information is presented in a variety of formats: video, slides, written text, worksheets, and online quizzes, to keep the course interesting, enjoyable, and easy to implement so that students can start experiencing positive results right away.

  • My student gets good grades on their own. Would they benefit from this course?

    You bet! Success can be measured by much more than grades. I have designed the course with all students in mind because I have consistently seen top performers, especially those students who get good grades naturally, range from mildly to completely disorganized and waste a lot of their time and energy procrastinating and being inefficient. Their natural abilities and winging it only get them so far, however, and when the demands of school and extracurricular commitments increase, having no system can lead to feelings of disarray, anxiety, and stress. The combination of executive function, interpersonal, and life skills covered in this course will benefit those students who seemingly have it all together so that they can achieve even more in their academic and personal endeavors, and maintain a positive self-concept, balance, and joy while doing it.

  • Can my student enroll in Wise Student 101 and take another Wise Student course simultaneously?

    Absolutely! Wise Student 101 is fantastic on its own, but it is also the perfect accompaniment to all other Wise Student courses. Fun fact: the idea for Success Sundays meetings came from Wise Student 101. I wanted to create a way to check in with students weekly about what they were learning in the course and vualá, Success Sundays was born. Together, Wise Student 101 and Sunday meetings offer a system that cannot be found anywhere else. They have the answers that all students need within an ecosystem that can always be accessed for continued success.